Is Whole Wheat Worse Than a Candy Bar?

by Sean Croxton A tablespoon of pure white sugar. A Snickers bar. A banana. And a slice of whole wheat bread. If I were to ask you which of the edible items above causes the greatest surge in blood sugar, which would you choose? My guess is that most people would pick the Snickers…

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How to Avoid Gluten at Restaurants!

by Sean Croxton This is great. I know a few people who are HIGHLY sensitive to gluten. I mean, even the most minute exposure to the stuff — aka “getting glutened” — will have them bedridden and/or on the toilet for the next few days. No bueno. So for these folks, it is of…

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How to Eat and Train in Order to be Ready for a Competition

Hey everyone. We have received a lot of questions over the past week or so from those of you competing in our Fit Crew Fall Out competition November 9th. Most of these questions seem to revolve around how you should be training this week at the gym in order to be recovered and ready for…

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