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Hello Fit Crew athletes- We hope everyone had an awesome summer and are excited about getting back on track at the gym… There are some exciting things going on at Fit Crew – and we can’t wait to share them with you…

You may have noticed that Fit Crew co- owner, Niels Renzenbrink, has been missing from training sessions at the gym. No, he is not on an extended family vacation (as much as his lovely wife Kathryn would like:)- Niels is traveling with the Columbian Davis Cup tennis team. The team has been training at Fit Crew for close to a month with Niels as their strength and conditioning coach. Andrew Terman has been working one on one with the players as their nutrition coach. Niels, along with the team, traveled to the US OPEN and are now on their way to Tokyo where the team will compete in the Davis Cup. Andrew continues to monitor their daily diet from Bradenton. We will let you know when the team will compete at soon as we get the dates and times!! Congrats Niels and Andrew for brining Fit Crew to the international sports stage!!

We all know Andrew Terman is co-owner of Fit Crew and one of our coaches. Many of you know his is a holistic nutritionist. But, only a few truly understand what nutritional services Andrew can provide our athletes. Well, welcome ANDREWTERMAN.com- a website created by the Fit Crew team which highlights everything you need to know about training- nutrition- and health! The sight is full of amazing insight, advice, and answers.

BYE-BYE NOON CLASS- See you next summer…
Thank you so much for supporting the noon class this summer. Now that school is back in session and people are back to work- we have decided to cancel the noon class on Tuesday-Wednesday- Thursday. We will pick them back up during the summer months!!

HOLY COW!!! If you have not had a chance to try Jamie Gregorich’s protein bars- you are missing out! Celebrity chef and Fit Crew athlete, Jamie G., has created a few high protein bars to sell at Fit Crew. The bars are 100% homemade- gluten, dairy, and preservative free! The Ratchet, The Chief, and Terman-ator bars can be purchased for $4.00. The bars are great for post or pre workout snacks!

Yoga expert- Erin Geraghty- will start teaching yoga classes at Fit Crew on Tuesday, September 17! Due to the overwhelming support- She is going to teach two classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Classes will be from 7:15-8:00am and 8:15- 9:00! Each class will be $15.00! We hope you enjoy this new branch of Fit Crew!

A bad playlist can kill any training session. We have our favorites- but what are yours?? Send me a list of your favorite 5 training songs! We want to keep you pumped and excited during your workout! Email: tracey@fitcrewbradenton.com

A BIG Fit Crew congratulation goes out to trainer Jeff Walker and his new bride Cara Wilson (now Walker)! The two tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony over Labor Day weekend in Charleston, South Carolina! We are all so happy for you both!

In house competition- Saturday, November 9, 2013! Details to follow!!

We are so happy to offer our athletes the best! The best sessions, the best recovery drinks, and the best food! Please remember to pay for everything you take from Fit Crew! This will help us to continue to provide you with the best services possible!

Again, we value each and every one of you! Your opinions really do matter. Please always feel free to contact us with suggestions!


andrewt • September 9, 2013

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