Fit Crew’s Fall Fat Fighter Competition

Hello Fit Crew Athletes,

We hope everyone is doing well!! We are great and are excited about a few things happening at the gym!!

Fit Crew’s Fall Fat Fighter Competition
It’s BAAACK…Last year’s body fat competition was a HUGE success!! So, we wanted to bring it back!!! Here are the details!!!


WHAT: Andrew Terman will collect all competitors’ body fat percentage number from September 29,2013 until October 1st. Competitors will have three and a half weeks to lose as much body fat as possible!!

WHEN: Competition will run from October 1st- October 27th. Results will be collected and calculated- October 28-30! Winners will be announced on Halloween (10/31)

HOW: Remember the winner will be the person who loses the most percentage of percent lost- Not the person with the highest number. This will keep the competition fair!!

Winner will receive two weeks of FREE UNLIMITED TRAINING!!!


Also- REMEMBER- Fit Crew will be hosting an in-house competition on November 9th- so PLEASE SAVE THE DATE!! There will be something for everyone!!

andrewt • September 24, 2013

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