Ignoring the Low-fat/Skim Milk Advice

by Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

If your spouse and your friend’s are double-teaming you to cut fat out of your diet, don’t fall for it. You might also want to be careful for the good old milk trick!

You probably know it by heart… “Milk: It does a body good.” Surely, nothing could be further from the truth.

And if you drink reduced-fat milk every day, your waist will expand while your blood sugar takes a whipping.

When you’re looking for mainstream support, it doesn’t get much heftier than Harvard. Dr. David Ludwig is a Harvard professor with a specialty in childhood obesity. But don’t let the “childhood” part fool you. His message is just as important for adults. And it’s as simple as basic math…

The sugar content of reduced fat milk is way too high. How high? Believe it or not, a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup contains less sugar than a cup of 2-percent milk.

And yet, the USDA says we should drink three cups per day!

Drinking that much milk — especially lowfat or skim milk — is as bad as drinking that much Mountain Dew.

Here’s why… The skimming process strips away fat and fat-soluble vitamins, which helps the body slow the absorption of sugar and absorb the calcium properly. So the nutrition is scant, but the sugar level stays high — and the sugar courses through your body much faster.

This really is not “new” news… The only news here is that a prominent mainstream specialist is willing to say it in a major journal.

Don’t be distracted by the mustaches and grinning celeberties. Drinking sugary low fat milk every day promotes obesity and type 2 diabetes.

“Three Daily Servings of Reduced-Fat Milk: An Evidence-Based Recommendation?” JAMA Pediatrics, Published online ahead of print, 7/1/13, archpedi.jamanetwork.com

andrewt • April 14, 2014

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