If you asked Andrew Terman what his passion in life is – His answer would be simple; MAKING PEOPLE HEALTHY!  It may sound like a cliche, but this is the honest to goodness truth.

As a personal trainer, Andrew spent years trying to help people achieve their weight and fitness goals. As a nutritionist, hours were spent going over food logs and crafting meal plans for people anxious to see a smaller waist line. Clients were so focused on what the reflection in the mirror was telling them, they simply forgot to listen to their bodies. Lack of sleep, sex drive, and appetite were chalked up to stress. Fatigue, weight gain, or lack of weight loss was blamed on busy schedules. No one stopped to take a look at what was actually causing these abnormal stressors.

Andrew did! It was time someone started asking the right questions and coming up with solutions that aren’t found behind the counter of pharmacies. Terman became a licensed Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist. Becoming an FDN allows him to perform simple, non invasive tests, to help clients find the root of their problems instead of always treating the symptoms. The protocols he creates for clients are all natural and are not full of synthetic lab-made supplements.

Terman loves spending time at the beach, playing as many sports as possible, and is known for spending hours researching holistic health and the importance of paleo/primal lifestyles.


-Lansing Community College (Kinesiology)

-Blue Heron Academy (Sports Science)

-American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer

-American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer

-Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist Certified Practitioner

-USA Weightlifting Certified Club Level Coach

-Venice Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach (in progress)

-9 years experience in the industry